The Shadow of Myself
2001-11-27 06:40:40 (UTC)

I can't even... whoa.. :)

Right now.. it's raining outside. Rain always seems to set
a mood. It's like.. sunny days can make you happy... but
they don't always. There is just something about rain.. it
like mellows you out.. and I just feel like I could watch
rain run down the outside of a window and think for hours.
I have soo much to think about. There are a lot things to
sort through and just figure out. I continue to discover
things daily... like.. life changing things. It's so
amazing... too bad I can't remember everything.. ;)

Here are some of the things I've learned since I've gotten
to college...

~that my parents are even cooler than I thought.. they are
so amazing and I completely appreciate them soooooo much!
~I'm never going to be finished growing up.
~my faith is limitless.. and that is soo amazing.
~I've changed a lot... but I'm still not to the point I
want to be at.
~I don't like the way I do certain things.
~I've gained more knowledge on the proper ediquette for
meeting people the first time... :)
~each relationship you have is special in it's own way...
and you're going to have a bond with that person that you
have with no other... and it's just sooo cool.
~nobody can fully appreciate something that is precious to
you.. it's like they just can't understand your true
~there are gonna be a lot of times when I'm just not going
to know.. and I'm going to have to be ok with that.
~I use humor to take a break from being so deep all the
time.. otherwise I would be too stressed.. humor is my way
of giving my brain a break.
~it's the coolest thing to get to know a new person.. b/c
there is sooo much to know.. I mean when you think about
it.... how much do you really know about yourself??

I could probably go on forever. But I guess my point is..
I'm growing up. I'm changing... and my appreciate for
things that I once took forgranted is now huge. I almost
feel bad for all the time that I just didn't even care
about those things.. b/c now I don't know how could even
have missed how amazing all this stuff is. I feel sooooo
blessed. Life is just amazing....


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