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2001-11-27 06:11:50 (UTC)

Pathetic Nikkie

Another long boring lonely day.

I thought I was going to have my Human Sexuality test
today, but the teacher didn't get it xeroxed in time, so we
had a full class period. Bad bad Nikkie, she only brought
her Human Sexuality text with her... not any of her things
for the rest of the day. I figured that I would get out
early and could go back to my dorm room to get my things.
Well, I got kept 5 minutes later than the class period, so
by the time I got to my room and got my stuff, class had
started 15 minutes ago. I said to hell with it and stayed
to work on some International Health homework.

Went to my other classes, then headed back to my room for a
nice nap. Beth came back from class early, we all went to
eat and I came back for another nap. Michelle and I were
going to run up to Giant Eagle to rent "How the Grinch
Stole Christmas", but she was shanghai'ed off by some
others against her will. I felt bad when she told me about
it. Poor gal... She's nicer than I am. Why is it that the
genuinely nice people always suffer the most? I swear, if
this were an anime or manga, I'd be one of the boring
background characters that gets killed off to play off some
minor point of the plot.

Heather has a new love interest, one of Beth Ann's friends
from South Carolina. He asked her out today and they're
going to try the whole long distance relationship thing. I
hope it works out better than nearly all other online
relationships I've in any way experienced. People are so
different online than they are in real life. Grand example
being James, who was so NICE online and a complete jerk in
real life, a manipulative jerk. Alex was a lot different in
real life and on the phone than he was online. Even
Michelle is very different when I'm hanging out with her in
her dorm than when we chat online. I'd say that the only
person who was greatly similar in both circumstances was
Shannon (Yay Shannon! Come back soon, we miss you!)Part of
me is against this because of those previous experiences,
but I don't want Heather to go through that (LIGHT, WE DO
NOT NEED ANOTHER JAMES!!!!). The other half is pointless
jealousy. I know it's useless to discuss, but Heather has
always got men falling over themselves for her, though half
the time, I don't even think she knows it. If that's ever
happened to me (besides Alex and James), I've never
noticed. Heather pushed me to go out with Shaggy, but a
part of me just doesn't want to even try. She was real
enthusiastic about the whole Tom thing, but that blew over
as well. I can't believe that he really liked me when he
took no personal interest in me the entire time and didn't
say goodbye to me. Part of me is happy for neechan, because
she is a very special person and I want her to be as happy
as possible. But part of me wishes that I could be special

Like I said, everyone wants what they can't have. Just
gotta deal with it and try to go on as best you can! And
me, I should really check and see if I have anything for
Creative Writing tomorrow! It's 1:15 am already! Where's
the time go? Gooooooood morning! Almost time for bed!

AAAaalll by Myselllllf...

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