lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-11-27 05:52:36 (UTC)

boys or girls?

ok so i was talking to my mom and she was getting alllll
emotional about something or other and it ticked me off.
like SHE personally didn't tick me off, but thinking about
moody girls makes me mad. so i started thinking about how
i could so deal with having all my kids be boys. i mean
they cost way less, they're funner, and they don't complain
every second. ok?

well then i just had a few moments of unleashing my wrath
toward a certain boy, and i started saying "boys suck!" to
myself without really even noticing. so here's the
dilemma. do i want a bunch of whiny, bratty girly girls
who PMS constantly and worry about boys? or some boys who
just don't say what they mean and mean what they say and
hurt people's feelings and get them confused?? hmm, which
is the right answer?

frankly, i still prefer boys. just as long as none of my
sons becomes a player or a sexifier or a sweet-talker or a
confusing bumbleebee of hotness. haha never known a guy
like that, but sounds like a doozy. ahh linz, go to BED!!

which leads me to a really good quote, and i think we can
all relate to this:

"i made my bed, and now i have to lie in it. but he's
sitting on my bed smashing my face beyond all recognition!!"

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