Chelle's Thoughts n' collections
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2001-11-27 05:13:47 (UTC)

BoyZ are confusing

Blah...Boys are so confusing.
Thats prolly why i end up datin so many for so short of a

Lets see...The infamous ass..aka b comes at me tellin me
how he still loves me and blah blah blah blah fucking
*lies lies* .....tells me hes done with his new gf and

Then i guess i sorta had a first date thing with erik this
i mean it was supposed to be a date...but his car broke
down so i ended up just goin over to his im not
sure what it was.
"hanging out".
but we havent even talked alot since saturday night so im
not even quite too sure what he thinks of me or anything so
ya know how that goes...

Then therez Chris.
ok well we all know the story of chris and adam
anyways...but He called me n we ended up chillin' sunday
it was kinda weird since i used to date adam and maria used
to date chris...
but i always thought we were with the wrong guys anyways.
He makes me laugh..
blah i dunno we'll see where everything goes

haha i still would be with kevin if he didnt live a
gazillon miles away n i dont get the chance to see him =/
i miss the lil man. but thats ok.

so theres my most recent run~down on guys...

other than that life is well...
me and amy and steph and val have gotten exceedingly close
this year.
its been kinda weird cuz i try not to get real close with
chicks at school most the time...but hell they rock.
haha me and amy prolly could fight every day...even
though shes so fucking cool.
we're both pretty hard~headed n' i think we wanna just beat
eachothers brains in sometimes.

haha but hell we're gonna be livin together down in FL next
fall so we'll figure somethin out.
haha we've already planned our thanxgiving on the
beach...we're gonna eat italian.

alrighty well im gonna go
ill try to be more frequent in writin now

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