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2001-11-27 05:00:23 (UTC)

i need

well we got new classes, and i hatevthem. nobody i kow is
in there, and nobody i have the potential of liking is in
there too. i wanna like somebody. im really scared, i know
i said that i never ontended to be a lesbian, but now i
dont know. its really really weird though. i have never had
a real boyfirnd to pour all of my love and affection into,
so it just all billows up inside me, but now its like it
needs to come out. i think im directing it into the wrong
place, which would be my best friend. thats not right, well
i gess its just because shes my friend and were so close
and i do love her, but not in that way, and ive never
really thought about her sexually, but i just love her and
want to be with her. is that wrong? if anybody knows,
please please plesae help me. i need a boyfirned i need
someone to love, i need someone to love me. im feel so
stupid cuz i havnt liked a guy in sooooooo long, but i
really wish i did. its not that im conceited(cuz i aint got
nothing to be conceited with) or anything cuz looks mean
nothing to me, its whats inside that counts and i havnt met
anybody that has fufilled those qualities. i dont just
wanna hook up with somebody, i want to be in love. well bye