Northern Belle

This Belle's Life
2001-11-27 04:54:17 (UTC)

Sometimes you dont know what you've got till you need it

that is soo true you NEVER know what you have till you
need them or till there are gone
but thats not the case with my bff lexi. she has ALWAYS
been there for me even when i thought she hated me
she was always making sure things were ok and when
things got bad she was always there to give me a hug
and tell me things are going to get better. and that
things will be ok. and then when i tell another peer that
it seems that if always when i like a guy that guy will like
lexi it happened with danny and it might happen will
ernest but lexi sits there and tells me that she is sorry
when its never her fault, and that ernest might not like
her he might like me. she is such a great firend to me i
hope that now since she might need a friend i can be
half as nice to her as sher was to me.

god bless america
and alexi 2


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