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2001-11-27 03:57:15 (UTC)

For my first entry-------Food and the thoughts it brings to mind

I ate well again today. Fortunate indeed to have so much.
Never am I without food. I dont think it will ever be
possible for me to understand starvation. I fast from time
to time to test the mettle of my being. My reserves are
such that i could feed off them for a week. It is Ramadan i
should partake in the experience, but alas i am weak and

People call me 'skinny'. They say I need to put some flesh
on me to stop looking so 'sickly'. I've been called many
names my wholew life but this one confuses me. My whole
life I've been entirely self conscious about my body image.
Until recently, i thought i was fat. Admittedly, I wasnt
much more then 30 pounds overweight. I could fewel it weigh
me down. I was sluggish and feeling generally unhealthy. so
in a desire to treat my body/temple properly, i gave up
eating mammal. A drastic change took place. My body runs
much smoother now and i have dropped that storage of the
fat in red meat. Now, back to this 'sickly' crap. I think
these new jibes stem form their own cconcewpt that the body
must be heavy to be healthy which is a horrific fallacy.

America is rampant with the heavy people. I live in New
York City, which is a bastion for thinness and cigarette
smoke. I also work with a very weighty dude. His name is
Moses and he probably weighs 400 pounds(haven't the heart
to ask him). He was out sick again today, because his diet
is shit, hygiene is highly suspect and has no health
insurance. He's a very cool and sedate due, real
sweetheart. I think he uses the weight as a barrier. he
blames all his shortcomings on his weight. He thinks it's
too late to lose weight, even though he lost 100 pounds
earlier this year(and i swear to god i didnt notice). I
feel very bad but he is a glutton.

Food has becme and addiction. No longer thought of as
simply nutrition and fuel. There is no dangerous hunt or
tasking gathering process. There is no sorrow as you gaze
into the dead eyes of you r meal. It is pretty package long
before even the chef gets it. poisoned fruit and tainted
meat hiden behind sugar and salt is all we eat. Another
flaw in the horribly cracked pillar of modern society.


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