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2001-11-27 03:47:37 (UTC)

The Baby

Welll..today was very exciting..while I didn't get much
ofanything done today, I did go to the doctor for my
appointment specifically devoted to an Ultrasound for the
baby. It was cool. They don't print our pictures of it in
this ofice..but they do make video tapes..so have 10
minutes of baby ultrasound. They couldn't tell for certain
what it was, but the techinician, who does nothing else but
ultrasounds, is 90% certain it's a girl. So that's really
cool. We'll name it Deva Alyssa. I like that name. Not
really Alyssa, but it was a comprimise for getting Deva.
Anyway..I am a verylucky person..my ex husband's family,
Him being the father of my other daughter, Kira, is
treating this like another grandbaby instead of someone
else's kid. That's very fortunate.
So..other than the fact there are NO existing pictures of
a Mon Calamari Medium Freighter on the WHOLE DAMN INTERNET,
everything's peachy. If anyone that reads this could find
me one..I'll send you a kiss :) Thanks..

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