the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-11-27 03:30:32 (UTC)

the begining---Kelly's saga

im so tired of all this bullshit
im sick of feeling guilty for stuff thats not my fault and
im sick of being walked all over
josh wont return my phone calls or pick up his phone for
that if you are reading this joshua i want my
stuff back....GOT IT?!!!
im also very tired of being lied to but havent i covered
all of this before...hmmm yeah yeah i have ...oh but wait
here it is again
adrian has once again given me a verbal bashing this
evening when all i want is to be rid of the situation she
got what she wanted he broke up with me and i now know that
not only was it partly her decision but josh didnt really
love me imagine that?!
wanna know who told me that adrian did
also that josh didnt want to have anything to do with me
the first time we dated and im supposed to ask him about
that but oh yes i remember he wont talk to me....
so to you joshua i hope whatever it is that you do want it
makes you happy b/c i apparently never have been even a
thought of what you wanted
thanx for the lies and the fake relationships hope they
were fun filled
but unfortunately im gonna have to end my anger on that
note for now b/c the father needs the phone
be back to finish-----

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