OhBaby It Is Me

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2001-11-27 02:55:33 (UTC)

My funny conversation with some kid

therealballer: a/s/l
Guest_HotMilk: 5/?/PARIS
Guest_HotMilk: no just kidding
therealballer: then what is your a/s/l
Guest_HotMilk: 17/F/NYC
Guest_HotMilk: man take a joke
therealballer: ok.....18/m/fl
Guest_HotMilk: i hope your a man
Guest_HotMilk: or a least a boy
therealballer: r u hot
Guest_HotMilk: yeah i think i'll turn on the fan
Guest_HotMilk: thanks
therealballer: how hot r u
Guest_HotMilk: it's a lot cooler now
Guest_HotMilk: As hot as a white dwarf
therealballer: do u have big titties
Guest_HotMilk: no but my mom buys big boxes of food at BJ's
therealballer: ok
Guest_HotMilk: yeah it is ok
Guest_HotMilk: the food is real good
Guest_HotMilk: i like it
Guest_HotMilk: a lot
therealballer: ny mom goes to BJs too
Guest_HotMilk: Do you know Baby Balogua?
therealballer: no...y?
Guest_HotMilk: He's my husband
therealballer: oh
Guest_HotMilk: we got hitched at the peir
therealballer: cool
Guest_HotMilk: yeah it is cool now that i turned on the fan
Guest_HotMilk: thanks agian
Guest_HotMilk: again*
Guest_HotMilk: and again
Guest_HotMilk: BOO
therealballer: ok
Guest_HotMilk: i scared you
therealballer: no
Guest_HotMilk: darn
Guest_HotMilk: i tryed
Guest_HotMilk: i tryed real hard
therealballer: lol
Guest_HotMilk: you could at least pretend
Guest_HotMilk: save my feelings
therealballer: alrifht
therealballer: alright
Guest_HotMilk: but no MR. Baller is MEAN!!!!
Guest_HotMilk: and you made me sad
Guest_HotMilk: now let's try this again
Guest_HotMilk: ready?
therealballer: i'm very sorry
Guest_HotMilk: BOO
Guest_HotMilk: scared you
Guest_HotMilk: Did you wet your pants?
therealballer: wow.don't ever scare me like that again
Guest_HotMilk: you catch on pretty quick
therealballer: no
Guest_HotMilk: Guess what
therealballer: what
Guest_HotMilk: i was just at church and the preist pulled
my hair
therealballer: y?
Guest_HotMilk: Cause i was in the isle
therealballer: lol
Guest_HotMilk: (s0
Guest_HotMilk: there we go
Guest_HotMilk: i needed a drink
therealballer: lol
Guest_HotMilk: Ok
Guest_HotMilk: so do you want me to quit joking around
Guest_HotMilk: or are you having fun?
therealballer: it doesn't matter
Guest_HotMilk: your call
therealballer: do u wanna talk "serious"
Guest_HotMilk: sure
therealballer: how serious do u wanna get
Guest_HotMilk: not too much
therealballer: how far u wanna go
Guest_HotMilk: HA HA now your the funny one
therealballer: y?
Guest_HotMilk: HEE HEE HEE HEE
Guest_HotMilk: hello
therealballer: yea
Guest_HotMilk: ok
Guest_HotMilk: your still here
therealballer: yea
therealballer: what do u wanna talk about
Guest_HotMilk: MUSIC
therealballer: ok
Guest_HotMilk: you listen to....
therealballer: whatever sounds good...u
Guest_HotMilk: RAP
therealballer: who is your favorite artist
Guest_HotMilk: Ludacrist
therealballer: cool
Guest_HotMilk: you know him
therealballer: yeah
Guest_HotMilk: Southern Hospitality?
therealballer: i don't listen to him that much
Guest_HotMilk: do you know that song?
therealballer: i heard it before
Guest_HotMilk: i like it
Guest_HotMilk: you familier with Nelly?
therealballer: of course
Guest_HotMilk: must be the money?
therealballer: could be
Guest_HotMilk: no, do you know that song?
therealballer: no
Guest_HotMilk: Really
Guest_HotMilk: ?
therealballer: alot of times i don't listen to rap that much
Guest_HotMilk: What's your favorite song?
Guest_HotMilk: any stlye
Guest_HotMilk: style*
Guest_HotMilk: I will not make fun of you
Guest_HotMilk: !PROMISE!
therealballer: Country Grammer
Guest_HotMilk: Cool
therealballer: yeah
Guest_HotMilk: Mine is Trick Daddy's take it to da house
therealballer: i like that song too
Guest_HotMilk: Cool
Guest_HotMilk: Slip and slide say what what shut up
therealballer: yeah
Guest_HotMilk: Yeah
therealballer: yeah
Guest_HotMilk: this is sorda weird
Guest_HotMilk: I'm totally Christian
Guest_HotMilk: yet i listen to rap
therealballer: lol
Guest_HotMilk: But my other infacuation
Guest_HotMilk: is COUNTRY
therealballer: whoa
Guest_HotMilk: Name any song rap or country and i can sing
it for yeah
therealballer: i don't listen to country at all
Guest_HotMilk: oh