My diary
2001-11-27 02:54:27 (UTC)

people suck

Man LOVE SUCKS!!!! Im so confuses by what to do about
Emiliano, i still love him and i want to be with him, but
we got in a fight today be cuase it seemed that our
relationship didnt mean anything to him, I mean he totaly
lost intrest in me, and I was crying becuase I REALLY LOVED
HIM!!!! and i dont know if he even cares about me anymore,
he probbily wouldnt care if i was dead!! I wonder if he
would care!, oh well i guess i have to get over him, all i
want is for him to like me! and another thing that is
pissing me off is that fact that EVERYONE is calling me a
hoe and i really wish i hadnt gone out with emilio, becuase
he had to put up with all the crap that his stupid ass
friends say, and it hurts! he wont tell me who had called
me a hoe and its pissing me off I want to know, I want to
know what ppl think of me, I wish he liked me and we were
friends! god this sucks, I feel like this is hopeless, I
need some help, I wish i could just die and get over this
and im sure that NO one would care if ui was gone, well
emilio wouldnt anywayz.....