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2001-11-27 02:40:24 (UTC)

my betrayal sonnet

Sarah's betrayal sonnet
for oac4a0

how could you be so rude, and inconsiderate
you said it was for the best; you didn't want any thing to
go wrong by it.
your mean and i cant stand you that you can plainly see.

you were my best frind, my first love
we had so much fun togather
our relationship had the grace of a dove
you gave me the impression we'd be togather forever

I was weilling to give you the best of myself
but you turned me down even when i began to pout
you kept me like a small toy on a shelf
when yo got tired of me you threw me out

apparently i wasn't good enough for you
But, the night after we broke up that hoe was good enough
for you to do!