Diary of a Mad Heather
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2001-03-29 05:10:20 (UTC)

Ah, the first entry in a new..

Ah, the first entry in a new diary. Always a challenge. I
suppose I'll start with a brief bio. After all, if anyone
else besides me reads this, it would be petty confusing
without some sort of introduction.

I'm 24, and a music industry professional for money;
artist, writer, musician for my soul. I was raised equally
in New York and Boston (born in Clearwater, Florida), but
spent the last year and a half in Orlando getting the life
sucked out of me. I just moved back home (literally, about
twelve days ago) to deal with some major issues that have
been plaguing me for way too long.

"What issues?" you ask? Well, you'll learn soon enough.

Just keep reading.


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