2001-11-27 02:15:15 (UTC)

Still Living

Well, i obviously didn't die, because, as you can see by
the title of this entry, I am STILL LIVING, and still
writing. Which just goes to show that my life is still
boring! haha- anyways, things are actually going okay for a
Monday. I am sick and tired, and Kelly is on the treadmill
(which is really spooking me out, its like twilight zone.
Shouldn't i be on the treadmill and she be on the
computer!?!?) well, anyways, i'm going to go steal it,
hehe. Then i'm going to bed. Pray that i feel better
everyone! PS- phrase of the week: SMOOTH YOUR POLE- haha-
"always play with their minds"-- i'm writing some in my
www.opendiary.com and my name is smileybabe521. Read some
and enjoy the all public and all happy veiw of my life. Yup-
thats all for now guys.
~ Goodnight and Sweet Dreams ~