A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-11-27 02:14:54 (UTC)

not much 2 say..or do i?


kyle is mean. he called me a lesbo today. I HOPE U READ
THIS KYLE...U ARE MEAAAAAN (and a loser). Drew called me a
lesbo 2day also. What jerks! Neways..I dont think who i
used to like nemore. Its back to the same guy ive liked 4 a
long time. Ha..Silly me. I just got done talking 2 nick on
the phone. I have a biology project due Friday. I have an
ortho app. 2morrow. I get 2 leave school early:-D! yaaaay!
im telling libby all of these sorry pick up lines. Brent's
annoying me. Mandy's posed 2 call me back sometime. Ok well
have a nice night~