Electric monkey
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2001-11-27 01:38:07 (UTC)

11-26-01 [its been a while, but im back]

well, ive started slacking on writing in my journal.
instead ive been messing around with a page on my site,
called Weird. i created it in Pagebuilder, which is weird
for me because im used to HTML.
anyway. i have a lot to catch up on!
my thanksgiving break was wonderful! Graham came over for
our dinner [around 11am], and that as nice. we ate lots.
and then played around, and talked and all.. then he left
around 4:45pm, and went to his house and ate another
dinner! haha..
then, lemme see, the next day Adam Came down from Chicago.
yep, so we went to the Courthouse lawn and played Goblet
Ball. you can see pictures of that on Davids webpage. we
kept breaking the goblets, and i was kidding around
pretending i was cutting my arm with a big peice of glass,
and then i put it down, and i went to look at my arm, and
there was a big ol cut on it. oops. i didnt even feel it
untill i saw it. it bled quite a bit. we walked down to the
Waldron, and i went in the bathroom and washed it off a
bit. then it didnt look so bad. there is a picture of the
first Goblet ball injury, on Davids page as well. heheh
thats me!
so then we all wanted to go to the top of the new parking garage. so
we drove allll the way up to the tip top, and its really high! woo! i
leaned over the edge, its high. then i danced to the music of graham
playing guitar. woohoo! fun fun. there are some pics of that on
davids thing too!
so then, we all went to Grahams house. and i played Table tennis with
Adam, and that was fun. then we ordered pizza. then some drama broke
out, and i got pissed off and remained in Grahams room way upstairs
[they were in the basement]. hehhe. but anna brought me some
breadsticks! yum. graham came to sit there with me, and i played his
bass and guitar. i enjoy playing he electric stuff! its so much
easier. hehehe.
but then everything was ok, by the end of the evening. =)
the next day, whcih would have been Saturday.. we were planning on
going to the park, but it was raining. so i went and rented the movie
Blow. and i went to grahams, along with david [my other boyfriend..
yes, we have a type of 3 way going on.] anna, and jessica. woohoo.
the movie was pretty cool. interesting to say the least. =P Johnny
Depp, i mean common... =)))) so then jessica had to leave for a
birthday party.. and david had to leave to go to some girls house..
then anna, graham and i went to eat at steak and shake. it was yummy!
i got an order of cheese fries. thats what i always get. yum. graham
and i made our way back to my house, and decided to go to the Union
[after my parents got home..] so we walked to the union from
downtown.. it was a really nice night, so we sat out side the union
for a while, it was nice, we looked up at the moon.. sigh.. very
nice.. a perfect night. then we ventured back to his house.. where we
were in his room with the lights off, till his mum got home..
hehehehheh.... then the kinks were on TV! [lol, jk..] on the way home
late that night, i almost hit a deer. on high street! werid. it was
just standing there, hehehe, i honked at it, after hitting my
breaks.. and it scurried away.
so then comes Sunday. are you still with me?
sunday, jessica and i went to grahams house around 5:30pm. to contact
the spirits with the Ouigi board. how ever you spell it. it didnt
work, cause we werent serious enough. wed just move it where ever we
wanted it to go. hehehe.. yeah. then we all just layed there on the
futon in his basement in the pitch dark.. we talked about peircings,
for some reason.. hehehe. i know how many peircings Graham has, and
where they are!! *yukky* =P
i proceeded to take off grahams belt, and such, to make jessica
uncomfortable. lol. only i wasnt really meaning to, just happened.
yeah, then ben called! hed been in NC for all thanksgiving break. he
came over around 8:30pm. yep.
then i left around 8:50pm. wanted to be home by 9. it wa a school
night. even though i didnt have any homework.

that brings us to today. where we are now. i made it through a day of
school, and now ive got some homework that i dont want to do. ill do
it all in the morning. i get up at 7am, and i get to school around
9:03. hehe. yeah.
i called several people, everyone on my list basically.. and
interviewed a few of them. im writing a feature story on Students
bedrooms, for the yearbook. woohoo.
well i better go!
im gunna call some more pple!

PS- my whole weekend, right there. minus a few things..