my mind is overflowing with crap!
2001-11-27 01:21:03 (UTC)

depressing day

well today was alright, same old same old ..except for
Jesse gave me a ride home today! I really didn't want one
today because i wanted to stay for spare and see if chris
stayed. cause i want to see if he acts strange ot see if
erik told him that i llike him.
ok so i started this diary entry to drain my depression on
to the page..but i'm not as depressed as i was. I was
joking around with brad. Which is good..i dont know what
it is about him that makes me like him...i think it is
because i got my hopes up in the beginning and now that
whatever i had planned in my head is not working
makes me sad. We dont talk anymore. sigh!
and my aol ends next week so i wont be able to talk to
shaun anymore ....this stinks....i'm bored of writing
again...i guess i'm done then