lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-11-27 01:01:09 (UTC)

they call it sunny what is this??

ahh sorry i've just been freezing cold all day long so i am
kinda disappointed in the weather. the worst part is it's
cold & sunny- the reverse of what i like!!!

one thing i'm not disappointed with is our president. i
know i'm not a very political person so this will be brief
& rare but here we go. i was watching the news and he was
talking about the 2 christian ladies that got rescued by
the northern alliance and stuff...and he was saying how
they had, "a faith that sustained them in good times and in
bad" and i was like YEAAAAH! we need more of that on

and then the little ticker thing showed up
saying, "president bush says cloning human embryos is
morally wrong" and i was like YEAAAAH even though that's a
touchy subject, to see someone take a conservative view is
nice. yes yes. that's all.

and yeah i think today it all got balanced out cuz i had 7
emails when i got home, plus a bunch in the morning from
marisa. actually i got emails from all 3 henrys...good
times. plus one porn email but ya gotta figure it all
evens out in the end. umm yeah.

ahh and my other thing- bk and i were talking about this.
i have coined a couple of phrases in my life (not as many
as mal, but still...) and other people subliminally copy
them. i don't mind this at all. but what i DO mind is
when i say that thing again and that person is thinking "oh
my goooosh, she STOLE my phrase!!!" because yeah well
sometimes you stole my phrase, ok?! ahh not that you guys
do it a lot but it happens.