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2001-11-27 00:58:37 (UTC)

argh! *pulls out hair*

so i'm just getting ready to write a ten page research
proposal for my research course... it's due tomorrow!!
aak. i've been so busy i haven't had time to put much
effort into any one thing, i had a paper due today and an
anthropology exam in the afternoon, i have the ten page
research proposal due tomorrow, and another paper due on
thursday, I think i'm going to go crazy before this school
year ends. Which might actually be OK if the exboyfriend
ends up at my school next semester. If i'm crazy i don't
have to go to school and wait for his presence to drive me
the former friends are still being their same old selves so
nothing really good happening on that front. No one I know
is talking to them at the moment though so even if there is
something bad happening I don't know about it. Which might
be good cuz it's one less thing for me to worry about but
then things will just come up and bite me in the ass when
i'm not expecting them ... which means i can't do anything
to prevent the bad things from happening, since I don't
know what might happen.
I managed to drop six articles on the escalator today and
in a frenzee making sure that they didn't get shredded at
the bottom of the escalator i accidentally allowed my leg
to get shredded instead. it hurts. and there were lots of
people watching so that sucked too.
I sure hope I did OK on that anthro test. :P

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