ShellyWebster vX

2001-03-29 04:47:31 (UTC)

Wow well it s been a while..

Wow well it's been a while since I last wrote. I'm on
vacation from school now, so hopefully I'll have more time
to do the stuff I want to do, like update my site and work
on some things.
My house has no heat so it's basically like we're living
outside or something. Spring has not begun to show up
around here, the temp is still below 50 degrees each day.
At night the temp is around freezing. It's hard but you
gotta deal with whatever cards are dealt to you.
My old best friend Jodi came over tonight with her
boyfriend. I haven't seen her in a long time because she
moved and I never got her address. Then a few times when I
tried to call, her line was disconnected. I was really
glad to see her, hopefully we'll hang out a lot more now
that we can keep in touch.
My final self portrait for my painting class came out so
shitty. I guess that's my fault for choosing the picture I
did, but oh well. I got a B on it so it's not a big deal.
I guess I'll sign off now since my fingers feel like
they're going to fall off from being so cold. I'll write
again soon!