.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-11-27 00:43:08 (UTC)


maybe im just not destined to go to creep records and get
the saves the day vinyl this time. i was off 5 days in a
row and never made it there.

alyssa dropped off flyers and im so happy she did, as it
turns out some guy grabbed some flyers and emailed me
today, and as it happened again his band is melt my heart
emo.... read this.

you won't be needing this (rips heart out from chest) -
Last Place


i cry. for the roar of the many, muffled by the voices of a
few. i cry. for the victims of silent wars, waged
eternally. i cry. for the bilnd being led by those with
twisted vision from a book. i cry. for the star that burns
out before it has a chance to shine. i cry. at the thought
of kin, growing to hate what parents could not accept. i
cry. at the limits placed on a life. a life that has no
religion, that has no color, that has no sexual preference,
that has no politics, that has no regeme. a life is a life.
and i cry for its loss. ...mc

those boys should marry me, and thats all im sayin.

rich daring is the funniest person humanly possible, hes so
hillarious he uses all these passee sex terms, its so
fuckin funny, this shy emo boy, he needs to wear tighty
whities and kiss dan at shows.

anyway, mom wants to use the computer so im gonna wrap it
up. fuck homework haha, srew school too.