even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-27 00:30:27 (UTC)

and i know because of KRS-1

so im home, and eating a salad... my frienda re on the way,
and we're gonn aeat stir fry! ahh good to be home... i
don't knwo if joselin can get out here otnight, cause her
brother is beging a stupy head, but we'll i want
to brush my teeth...

MsKarma: hey ma
BalataBabe: hey darlin!
BalataBabe: guess you are home safe and sound!
MsKarma: im home
MsKarma: yes!
BalataBabe: I wil call you
MsKarma: ok
BalataBabe: or are youtoo busy now?
MsKarma: nope
MsKarma: also we need to call liza about the car
BalataBabe: okay
BalataBabe: I'll look it up on the Net tonight to get
some more information
MsKarma: tonight
BalataBabe: you are interested?
MsKarma: yes i need a car
BalataBabe: I know you do, I want to make sure this one
is safe enough for you
BalataBabe: I want to help you make your dream come true
MsKarma: ahh.. ok... well.. its safe enough got me to be
a passanger in
MsKarma: this is not my dream!
BalataBabe: I know
MsKarma: this is SO far from my dream its not funny
BalataBabe: dream and need
BalataBabe: you will use a car for necessities and also
MsKarma: a new car that you said youd get me, a golf,
that was my dream, this is crap that im eager to accept
MsKarma: NOT my dream
BalataBabe: take it easy
MsKarma: im not angry or antyhing, just clarifying
MsKarma: im in a great mood
BalataBabe: we both want the same thing for you --
mobility and freedom
MsKarma: right, but.. i hope you don;t htink a 94 nissan
sentra,3rd hand, no less, is my dream
BalataBabe: let's stay focused on the goal -- getting you
wheels, although we may each have our own view of the "why"
behond it
MsKarma: ahh i want a car!
MsKarma: but this is not my "dream"
BalataBabe: no, your desire is mobility -- thatis the
BalataBabe: I realize this is not your dream car
MsKarma: ok glad we got that claeared up
BalataBabe: mobility is the dream, yes?
BalataBabe: isn't that the dream and wish of every
teenager with a dtriver's license?
MsKarma: i suppose
BalataBabe: that's all I meant by it
MsKarma: ok
BalataBabe: how are pups?
BalataBabe: I haven't seen them yet
MsKarma: fine
BalataBabe: I am about to sign off and head to gym --
wish I was coming straight home to be with you but I need
to keep up the exercise during the holiday season with all
the extra nibbling
MsKarma: right!
MsKarma: have fun
BalataBabe: PS-Rob is coming over Thursday after guitar
lesson to paitn the shelves with me
MsKarma: hurrah!
BalataBabe: paint, that is
BalataBabe: I agree
BalataBabe: adio angel
MsKarma: byebye ma
BalataBabe: xoxoxoxoxox

oh my mom... we just were ont he phone, and she was like,
im gald you heard me out andw e avoided a possible
argument.. and its like, ahh you suck... and then she told
em i needed to unpack and o my launrdy, and its like, ok
thanks, capt. un involved, back the fuck off... blahh...