down in my eyes
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2001-11-27 00:19:19 (UTC)

When I-

I was talken to my friend this morning, and she was
telling me 'bout her miserable day yesterday. Her close
~brotherly~ friend passed away... 'N she started cryen
when she told me this.
WHY do people cry when one dies?
'N one who completes suicide, dies once. But those who
don't succeed, die 1,000 deaths, reliving their terrible
moments and not understanding...
When I die... I want to die a funny death. So no one
will cry.. but laugh, when they think 'bout it. Like
getting hit by a icecream truck, or sumfin..~
Tho, even if I were to leave with a sad one.. no one,
Not a soul would shed a tear....

On the brighter side...
I spoke to him yesterday!.. =)... Tho..
There aren't that many people in my life, I can turn
to..or many options I can endeavor.. 'N I'm amazed that
he's still around, despite all the burden I've put him
through. He's soo dear to me, that sadly, but
honestly,... it's as tho i'm expecting,waiten for, him
to leave me. Simply 'cos I care for him soo much...

But..I don't think he realizes how much he means to me...
'N regardless that I'm tryen to saviour our moments..
I kno to him,.. I'm just a friend... 'n there's a
time we'll end. 'Cos nothing lasts forever.. 'N
Everything tends to break.... .And shatter.