My Boring Messed Up Life
2001-11-27 00:17:17 (UTC)


God do people ever quite nagging?? Some times I just hate
everyone! First thing I get to school, Heather just has to
talk about the dumbest things. No not her bf, her new
socks. WOW! Socks are so exciting. And then after that
school was pretty much normal. Same old broing shit. Then I
had volleyball practice. I get so nervous when my coach is
watching and I screw up so bad. Then I get yelled at in
front of everyone. It's great! Then I get home and here
comes my mom yelling. Jeez does it ever stop? She yells at
for dumb things. I didn't year my volleyball shoes, I
didn't eat today, and dumb stuff like that. I am so glad
Kim and Dinael aren't getting on my nerves. I don't know
what I'd do with out them. So anyways I betta go b4 I get
yelled at more.
Later Gator

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