edy's life
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2001-11-26 23:29:16 (UTC)

if i wrote a song

if i wrote a song itll be all about you

not describing you but how i hate this position
i hate holding back on saying i love you i hate refrayning
from giving you my hugs i wont admit it but i hate when i
cry i feel unstable i feel uneasy and just not rite i liek
to smile and to kiss i love to sit and remaniss but we
called it quits we are givin up
but everytime we gave up before it always started over so
we say lets forget it lets just be friends a week later
were bein sad agin i dono how you feel but i have to feel
great i dont want to feel alone or out of place lets just
leave this lets just leave here u and me and live on the
beach and in a paradice i dotn knwo if thall will ever
happen but somday i nkow i want us to happen

im sorry just forgive me everyhitng i do i do it for you