The Shannon Tribune
2000-11-16 04:54:00 (UTC)

dear diary, hey shannon, i know..

dear diary,
hey shannon, i know you'll be reading this sometime. knowing me, i
will probably give it to you eventually. not until you give me back
my screen name though. to any of the people out there reading this,
shannon has stole my screen name, taken my password, & changed it so
i cant get on it. she is pissing me of!!!!!!!well, today was ok. im
having oral surgery AGAIN. everyone who's had oral surgery knows what
I'm going through. it is such a pain. im having it friday. well, to
everyone reading this...i like shannon. love is more like it, but she
doesnt think i do. im gonna ask her out. i cant yet. im gonna be busy
for awhile, but.....soon. she is hhoottttttt. LoL. well, i g2g, email
me at [email protected] with any comments or anything. thanx. bye,
cool man