a little piece of me
2001-11-26 23:00:51 (UTC)


so i guess today wasn't such a bad day, considering it was
the first day back after break. i really should be doing
my an phys paper now, but i'm not quite in the mood yet.
it's just a rewrite anyway, although i do have a paper due
wed that i haven't even started yet. oh well. i'll get it
done. i always do. bleh.

so lemme see...oh, how could i forget. conrad, whom i love
so dearly (*note-sarcasm), decided he needed to talk to me
today while i was washing out my brushes. he's still got
that damn mowhawk...anyway, i was fairly civil, although i
don't know why. i can't stand the guy! so arrogant.
arrogance and vanity...we all know how much i admire those
two things in people (*note-more sarcasm). i think if
someone could find a way to convert those two things into
usable engery, we'd have enough to power the entire world
until the apocalypse. my, my...aren't i in a mood today.
heh. heheh.

so this is boring already, and i've got more shit to do
(it's a never ending list, i swear. time management is not
my strongest skill!), so i think i'm gonna take off. bye.