hello kitty cat
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2001-11-26 21:45:44 (UTC)


So I believe in things happening for a reason...but where
do you draw the I writing in this damn diary for
a "reason"..or am I jsut writing in this diary. I remember
ths time Alex and I were walking home from watching some
kids for Steiner Ranch Elementary...and Alex fell in a
ditch..and she kinda flipped out..she was like "why the
hell did that happen..there was no point to falling in a
fucking hole...there is no reason...what thefuck" and you
know..what the fuck was the reason for that???..if it was
even significant enough to have a reason...what is
significant enough to have a reason?
I feel like a little girl.
bitch bitch bitch.

(bb and she=my crazyass grandmother)
Infiniterocker: hey you
Victoria: yo
Infiniterocker: what's happening
Victoria: what's up?
Victoria: nothing much
Infiniterocker: not much
Victoria: you?
Infiniterocker: I didn't go to school
Infiniterocker: that's about all that' snew w/me
Infiniterocker: did you get bb's addy..I sent it
to you last night
Victoria: ya
Infiniterocker: are you gonna write her an email
apologizing for what happened at Thanksgiving?
Victoria: nothing "happened"
Infiniterocker: well...
Infiniterocker: the lack of then
Infiniterocker: not seeing her or whatever
Victoria: yeah I guess I should since it has nthing
to do with her
Infiniterocker: well she holds grudges
Infiniterocker: so I would
Infiniterocker: no I woudln't I take it back
Infiniterocker: lol I wouldn't give her the
fucking satisfaction
Victoria: haha
Victoria: I think she already has enough grudges
against everyone
Victoria: so there's nothing anyone can do to help
Infiniterocker: lol
Infiniterocker: yeah true
Victoria: heh
Infiniterocker: were you supposed to have
Thanksgiving dinner with them?
Victoria: that's the father never even
said that they were having dinner there
Victoria: so I was never even really invited
Infiniterocker: well then it's his fault
Infiniterocker: not yours
Victoria: I figured they weren't even having it
Infiniterocker: hmmm how strange
Infiniterocker: well I am glad I don't live ther
eanymore just because there is that much less drama in my
Infiniterocker: although I guess I've kinda
replaced it with other shit
Infiniterocker: useless drama favorite. bleh

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