Little Bird

Private Babbling
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2001-11-26 21:35:00 (UTC)

I am NOT babysitting!

Heather has decided that she isn’t happy. There is really
nothing I can do for her and honestly, I am SO SICK of her
bullshit! She thinks her life is so hard! HA! She needs to
grow up! My God, I worry about my own future everyday
because I am a single Mother living in a not so stable
situation. She lives at home w/mommy and daddy who take
care of her. Even if they are fighting, at least she knows
she isn’t homeless. She needs to stop ditching school and
grow up! JESUS CHRIST! She needs help!

Yes, I’m pissed!

I’m sorry you feel that 3’s a crowd. Hayley and I were
planning to broaden our horizons. We are willing to try new
places to hang out. It’s just that we like that place. I
like it because the kids can do things while I am able to
sit and stare or talk to friends. I think Haley likes it
for the occasional good-looking guy that hangs out there.
During the holidays it’s hard to predict when people will
be ‘hanging out’. It’s a hard time of year for a lot of
people, including me.
I don’t want to be around unhappy people. I have enough
grief, depression and sadness of my own. When someone
starts bitching and moaning it brings a certain din to the
You seem to think life is harder than it really is. It
might feel that way now but if you continue to hold on to
all the bad things it will just get worse. Believe me, as
you are whining about not having any money for a pair of
clippers I am seriously thinking about where the money is
going to come from to feed my kids the next day. Do you
hear me whining about all the bad shit I’ve gone through?
You don’t know the first thing about where I’ve been or
what I’ve been through because when I’m with my friends I
don’t want to repeat how bad my life is or how unfair
things are over and over. No one needs to hear that. We
need to be loving and supportive, mature.
I’m sorry you hate Charlie, your Dad’s a freak, your
sister’s a brat, your horse doesn’t listen to you…etc and
so on. I can’t help you with any of it because you choose
to make your life difficult by cutting school and not
making your horse listen or listening to the BS Charlie
gives you and blowing it out of proportion. Everyone has
quirks. That is just something you have to accept. Deal
with it, let it go and move on.
I want to be able to support you in your complaints and
problems but I don’t think I can. I think you’re a great
person and you have a wonderful horse. I hope you 2 will be
happy at wedge wood or where ever you go. If you decide to
stay that would be cool too. There is nothing anyone can do
or say to make the decision for you.