The Miserable Freakishness of the Misera
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2001-11-26 21:28:41 (UTC)

okay, I'm back and I suppose a little wiser

Okay, I went through a really bad thing in my life
yesterday, but it's over, I'm completely done with it.
Just to explain, my hard nosed, over bearing, son of a
bitch father verbally destroyed me yesterday in a tirade
that basically summed up this, "You're a loser." I've
never been so destroyed, but the thing that really got me
was when he told me that I had to break up with my
girlfriend and stop seeing my non-christian friends, which
is bull shit, and something that I don't intend to do. But
he had me defeated for a good hour in which I wrote my last
post. Kat was crying about it, but I assured her that I
wasn't about to let my father, mother, brother, pastor or
any of the other back stabbing ball busting hypocrites at
my old church keep me apart from her. I love her, and I've
basically renounced everything I used to believe in just to
keep her. Maybe I don't have to go that far, but to get
any closure with my father on this issue I might just have
Oh yeah, I've got a job, I'm starting on Wednesday. I'm
pretty excited about it because it's a managerial
position. I'm going to be making about ten dollars an hour
which is cool, and the guy I'm going to be working for is
really cool. He said it's a really laid back environment,
which is cool, he said that if I needed a day off that it
wouldn't be any trouble to just call in, because the place
is really relaxed. The first month is going to be a bitch,
just because I'm going to be learning the business, and I
have no clue about anything, but it should be good. It's
all industrial tools, and if I get good at it, it might be
a fairly marketable skill. I'm also getting my GED, just
because it'll make my father happy. I'm at the point where
I'm going to do anything to make my father pleased with me,
just because I'm still living in his house, and I don't
want him fucking my head up again.
Anyway, Kat's coming over for dinner tonight which should
because my mom's making a "celebration" dinner for me
getting a job, and things should be fairly cool with me and
my dad. I just hope things stay cool with me and my dad.
I just need to let him know about the whole religion and
faith issue, because I'm a man of little faith who doesn't
like to committ to back stabbing institutions such as his
fucked up, holier than thou church. Man, I wish I could
burn that fucking place to the ground. That would be so
fucking cool.