I am a goddess
2001-11-26 21:28:25 (UTC)

Love. life, everything

God everything is so complicated!
When things happen they always happen with a bang. You fall
in love, you fall out of love.
You get in trouble, everyone hears about it.
You fuck up, everyone knows about it.
Nothing is ever perfect, but that is hard to accept.
I can't accept it, the way that i believe in love. I can't
accept that i may never find out what happens when you fall
in love but i want to find out. I can't not believe in it.
I can't not look forward to it. I don't want kids but i
want to get married and i want to be with that person all
of my life.

Its really hard. I'm a 17 year old virgin, im not like all
the other girls. I don't want to sleep around but i'm not
saving myself for marriage. I jsut want it to be special.
Not perfect but so i remember it as a pleasant experience
not some drunken shag in the toilets at some nightclub. Its
really important to me and its just like i feel like a
freak becasue i have values. Why is that?
It shouldn't be like that. Am i the only one left?
I hope not.