Princesse Lizzie
2001-11-26 21:21:15 (UTC)

hey!! sorry it has been so long..

today is monday! my holiday was quite was very
quiet, but it was nice. i volunteered at a shelter thursday
and saturday night. it was a giving thanksgiving this year.
and you will never guess what happened!!!??? I GOT ACCEPTED
TO PENN STATE!!! it was so exciting! the whole boy thing is
so confusing...i dont even know how to start explaining it,
someday i will understand the opposite sex...but i dont
right now. if any guys read this could you please explain
it to me? i would really appreciate it!!nothing is really
bothering me right now! i am as happy as a clam! i have my
friends, my family, my future college, and everything i
could want. you never really notice what you have until you
see what others dont have...does that make sense to you? i
dont know...i guess im weird you could say...i cant really
think of anything to say so i am just rambling. but i feel
bad because i havent written in awhile. oh well...maybe
when something interesting happens in my life i will
actually have something to write you all!!