16 years old and lost in life?
2001-03-29 03:56:58 (UTC)

i got another feedback today..

i got another feedback today from a grl named lily.
she told me i sounded alot like her. and that i shouldnt
get to far down on my self becaseu then i will forget who i
am. and that i should souround my stuff with the things
that i love. well that is one thing i am pretty good at
doing....i always am playing basketball the thing that is
#1 in my heart. O yea a couple of entries ago i told you
about TONY the kid who got hurt in the skiing accident this
winter. well he is having surgery friday to put the
bone/plate back in his head. that s a big step for his
family and me and all his friendz.

TOday was kinda a laid back day it was rainin outside and
the GYM was being used for parent teacher conferences. so i
had to come home early somethin i dont like to do very
much. every night i usually get home at around 630 dont
come home from school go directly to the gym and start
playing basketball and no not with anyone else by myself i
am trying to take my self to the level i use to be and want
to be again. I was told this year by a coach that i have
the best SHOT in the whole school that made me feel good.
i was also told that out of the whole grls bball team(s) i
was 3rd best in are school. I AM ONLY A FRESHMAN so that
made me feel good i should have played higher this year
like sophmore level but i broke my wrist and it hurt my
game but i got to go i dont know why i wrote that just
thought i should tell you bout one TALENT i do have.