Procrastination is Key
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2001-11-26 20:52:50 (UTC)

I've been slack- sorry

And why not!? I have let everything else fall by the
wayside- which would explain why I have way too much work to
do in the small amount of time which I have left to do it
Anyway- I won't think about that for a moment- It was just
Thanksgiving so I should let the spirit of ,um...
thankfulness? reside in me a little longer. The break was
short but I got to see my best buds and watched some good
movies, and had some wonderful food- and isn't that what
life is all about really?:-p ..good times- hehe

It took a little over 3 hours to get back to school last
night b/c of the horrible traffic- and stupid me brought a
sundrop slush along for the ride so you KNOW I was hurting!
But at least I wasn't alone- Robs was there to talk to and
keep me sane:-p Had some nice conversations about 80's music
(it rocks- hehe) and more important things like LIFE!! what
are we going to do with it!? oh well- mine is more of a laid
back approach- I will be stressed either way, so better
later rather than sooner don't you think?

OH MY GOSH!! i am so ready for christmas break- its like the
most wonderful thing about college- its not like in high
school where your teachers found it an opportunity to pile
you up with work- I WILL BE TOTALLY FREE!! The thought is
getting me quite excited:-p

Ok- well despite not having written for quite a while it
seems as though I have nothing interesting to say so I will
stop this rambling and.......write some christmas cards. You
didn't think I was actually going to work now did you? Shame

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