Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-26 20:38:00 (UTC)

thats sick!!renob!!mind games!

Hey everyone
Sup ?? Not much here! sorry I haven't wrote in awhile! I
am home now ! I was at steph house all day yesterday ! We
did glamor shots and we called Wesley and ADAM !!! :)! I am
so happy cause I got to talk to adam ! He is doing a lot
better!! :)! hehe! He told me that I totally made his day
when I called !! :) it made me smile !! :) !! haha ! I
wish I could do more !! But I can't ! I wrote him like a
2 page letter and sent it to him !So he will get that in
like 3 days!! haha! Then steph went to my church where
Brady was totallly out of control !!! LOL! " wait he was
like 70! Can't you just see your grandparents (doing this
funky dance) gettin it on !! " !!! LOL !! "dude your like
70 thats just sick!!" !!! haha " brady stop I am mentally
damaged for life!!! " haha ! " wait is it hot all the way
down?? I tap it like a cigarett?! will it melt
somethin?" "yes tardre its on fire!"!!! "oh your all
like 'wow he doesn't smoke' !!!" haha! Laughing my ass
off! thats some good shit your on steph !!! haha !! Good
times!! well today was cool ! I had a blast with some mind
games!!! lol !! *devious smile * muah hahaha * !!! LOL
inside joke !! but um ya apparently I disturb the people
behind me in science class even though I am NOT THE ONE
TALKING!!! *cough Katie cough *!!!! haha ! Ummmm what else
happend , oh Nate gave me a foot massage in 7th hour!!
LOL ! After I gave him an arm massage! haha ! and you
RENOB!! Tabitha's boyfriend has a small dick !! Inside
joke! lol !! good times good times!! well I gotta bounce
cause I have a ton of homework!!!!