I am a goddess
2001-11-26 20:06:14 (UTC)

1,543 word essay in 3 hours

Miracle! I can't believ i finished my eassy that fast.
It'll probably be really crap but i don't care. Its
finished and thats the main thing. I'm about to be really
dull now so if you can't stomach it look away now. Seen my
crush today, hes still as damn gorgeous as always. God it
makes my day when i see him. Oooh yeah.
Right you can now look back again.
Was really stupid today, i made myself sick. I know i
shouldn't but sometimes i jsut have these relapses that
cause me to do it. Im trying to stop but it is a constant
battle. I still wanna be thin though but there are better
ways of doing it than being sick.
Has anyone heard of a diet thats going round on the net
called my personal diet if so can you tell me what it is. I
really am trying to do this properly so it would be nice if
i could get some info.
Some helpful info that is.
Not eat healthily blah blah bollocks like usual.