Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2001-11-26 20:05:58 (UTC)


Ok, so I left..and then I came back.
I couldn't do my history =(
I'm such a retard.
I came back on in the hope of finding Abi online, so she
can help me with it. Or give me the answers.
I'm not being lazy, but I honestly can't be bothered to
read AND understand the question.

THEN when I've done that (if she comes back online) I'll
do some of my english.

THEN when I've done that, I'll maybe do my tech.
I haven't started my tech yet.
I've drawn the border and written the title. That will give me
an "E" again-great! Which I don't want.
All I need to do is fill the paper with colour and writing
on "Printing Processes" and...wahey! A* for me!
No. Mr M hates me.

THEN maybe...I'll do something productive, usuefull,
brilliant, ingenius.

Maybe I'll find my keys. Maybe I wont. Who knows?