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2001-11-26 19:55:51 (UTC)

About Thanksgiving...

It is this year that has made me really hate Thanksgiving
all together. Dinner was ok, i guess. I figured everyone
would be drinking water at the dinner table, at least that
is what my step-mom said would be appropriate, but no...she
and my dad were drinking rum and coke. If you don't know
me then i'll tell you that that is not a good sign,
considering my parents are alcoholics. One rum and coke
eventually led to 10, I counted. By 8 O'clock my dad
decided he wanted to go out, but my step-mom didn't want to
go. I stayed in my room the rest of the night knowing that
my step-mom was going to be a raging lunatic because that's
how she gets when she is drunk. The next day when my
parents were at work, my step-sister said that my step-mom
had passed out last night, half dressed and half laying on
the bed. My step-sister is nicer than me because she
finished dressing her and put her on the bed, I would have
just pushed her off!! I hate my family with the biggest
passion ever possible. Sadly enough, i would not cry if
they were to die. It would be the happiest day to ever
come upon my life. This week is going to suck so
dad has surgery tomorrow, so he doesn't have to work the
rest of the week and so my step-mom is taking off the whole
week to take care of him. I am going to be stuck home with
them ALL WEEK. I know I am going to be the biggest bitch
this week because I always act real rude and nasty to
people when I have spent more than 10 minutes with my
parents. So you figure 5 whole days with them is really
going to put me over the edge. I just keep telling myself
that I only have a little over one year left in this house,
then I will be 18 and I can move out...and believe me, I
WILL!!! All that matters in my life is that I have great
friends that love me more than anything, as do I. Well, I
better go before I really get myself worked up about this.
I am going to enjoy my alone time now, while I can. ~bye~