U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-11-26 19:43:15 (UTC)


god i wish i could lose 5 lbs. just 5, none more, becuz
then i would be nasty looking, but I was watching the
Victoria's Secret fashion show, and the girls were walking,
and their thighs still wern't rubbing, i tried it, but my
thighs were touching when I took steps, and i really wish
that when I walked they wouldn't touch, like when I stand
they are like almost an inch apart, but when I walk, it's
just kidna gross, so my new goal is to lose 5 lbs......
which is gonna be FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE. I eat seriously
about a million calories a day, not even exagerating, and
I've always eaten like that, THANK GOD for my unusually
fast metabolism, other wise I'd be about 200 lbs,lol no joke
but anyway don't get me wrong, I'm not anorexic, I actually
am doing a speeh in front of my whole school about it. my
plan is to work out, and eat the same, just not as much
junk food, I bet by the dance I'll have it off. I'm also
tryign to get a six pack......... really bad. i do a bout
200 crunches every other day (u should take resting days,
thats when the muscles actually form)becuz of this summer I
lost what little six pack I did have, and all I have now
are the muscles righton ur hip, the one britney spears has,
and I very very VERY slight 4 pack, but I AM GOING TO HAVE
DANCE!!!!!!!!! ok well now i gtg and run a 6 min. mile AHH
(don't worry, i'm on x-country)

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