What's on my mind
2001-11-26 19:31:51 (UTC)

Cloning a human embryo

I am a little torn on this whole cloning morality
junk. On one hand I think that cloning a human is wrong
and shouldn't be done. We have enough problems with
population numbers the normal way of producing humans.
That I have no doubts about. But the idea of cloning the
embryo's to harvest the stem cells is where it gets
tricky. Now I can understand the peoples logic that if
they create these embryo's by using eggs and sperm from
humans than that is a human life that is being created and
then destroyed. But if they can make synthetic eggs and
sperm that have human DNA sequences then I am not sure that
that could be considered a human life and there for they
should be able to use the stem cells from it and cultivate
them to treate what they are able to treate with them. How
can that be any different than what they are allowed to do
with other animal species. We don't care if they clone a
sheep. Why should we care if we synthetically create an
embryo that imitates a human one. On the other hand we
have the argument that even if it looks like a human, talks
like a human, walks like a human, it is a human. In other
words it has human DNA there for it is a life form and
there for should not be destroyed once it is a living
cell. The problem with that is that we do it everyday
without any legal problems. Abortion is one. Yes I think
abortion is wrong. But I don't care that it is legal.
Another thing that is overlooked is the people that have
problems with conceiving. They have the eggs and sperm
from each other turned into an embryo in a lab and then
injected into the female in hope of her holding onto it and
becoming pregnant. The thing here is that they don't just
do one embryo and hope it works. No they do a bunch of
them so that if it doesn't take they can take the backups
and use them. In a sense they are creating life there and
then with all the extra embryo's go to waste. Well right
now they are going to research. So if there is nothing
wrong with that then I don't see anything wrong with
cloning an embryo. I don't know. Like I said I am torn.
Also what about if someone gave birth to a still born or
there child dies just after birth. They can now recreate
that exact child. There would be no difference at all
between them. Except the age difference. I can see the
good with cloning but I can also see the bad. I do think
the bad outways the good and this should be taken very
seriously. But the whole it is a life debate is a little
mind bending. Food for thought. Later.