Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-11-26 18:48:17 (UTC)


Ok,I'm bored.
I'm tired.
I have a vast ammount of homework, revision and various
other *things* due in at school tomorrow.
I have just over 12 hours to do them.
6:44 now.
Tech-no fucking clue.
German- revision. Test tomorrow. If I get moved down, well,
I get moved down.
Art- stick some...things to card. Art?!?! Hardly. Stupid
fucking..."modern art" Kill!!!Kill!!!

Ahhhh! I hate this font!
I'm so picky. Maybe I am the one who deserves to be shot.
Strange. Not picky with food, not picky with most things.
Picky with people, fonts and music.
I truly do suck.

"I'm a loser, baby. So why don't you kill me"
K, I *don't* like Beck, but that song is addictive. YES, it
Ok and...

I'm going to "Do something productive" and..."contribute to
the true me"