Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-11-26 18:26:02 (UTC)


There was no assembly. My life was spared for one
more day.
BUT, it'll probably be tomorrow.
Two Thursdays ago, I could have just...stepped out of my
seat and held out my hand to recive it.
Last week I could have just walked down the side.
Today I was all set on getting it.
Tomorrow I'm going to die up there.

Argh! I sound so stupid getting stressed out of going up in
front of assembly for a few seconds, but I really hate it.
I really hate the people in my year, I really hate the
teachers, and I don't see the point in getting a
certificate if I don't want one!

Sometimes I just imagine someone walking through that maths
room with an AK47, firing Mr B., throwing his body
at the board, so it wipes away all the algebra crap of the
Algebra. What the hell do I need algebra for when I leave
But, they still make me learn it, wasting me away in
school, for their fun.
Sad fuckers
Sad fuckers.
Sad fuckers inc.
Sad fucker
sad fuckers sit at a maths school table/desk
sad fuckers laugh at me until my..death?!?ok, I'll stop
with my moronic stupidity.