Squeeb's world
2001-11-26 18:14:44 (UTC)

Surprise, surprise...

...I'm sitting here, waiting for my S to come online. I am
so pathetic. I am SUPPOSED to be finishing up my genogram
paper but hee hee, I'm online too. I'm kinda half-waiting
for Tiff to get back too cuz I'm suffering withdrawal. I'm
such a goof.
Ok, I will be soooooo happy at this time next week when
this damn group project is over and done with. One of my
group members I can not stand to save my life and I was SUCH
a bitch to her today. I'm sorry but she's been pissing me
off. She went AWOL several times and we can't trust her to
do anything. So today I was telling her word for word what
she had to do just so it actually gets DONE. My two friends
in the group were like OMIGOD! Cus they had never seen me
like that before. I just get like that when people irritate
me. Don't screw around with my marks, please if you know
what's good for you!
LOL, Kim is so funny. She's like on crack or something
today because she plans on putting Christmas garland all
over my room because I was making fun of the stuff in the
living room. Hee hee. At least she's back to her normal
cheery self. Anyhoo, I should try and get some work done.

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