2001-11-26 18:12:23 (UTC)


Woo hoo!!! Fallen and Hangman are on the bbs!!! Well, I
knew Sammi was anyway, I just hadn’t heard form her in a
while, and then I found HANGMANN..and it was him! I was so
happy to finally see him again! BUT the other day, his
girlfriend said he was in hospital =(
Sammis birthday was on the 23rd and…she said she got a
hamster, and 19 balloons (with it being her 18th birthday).
She’s so cute the way she talks!

This week I have been SO skint and the very thought of
assembly has made me sick. I have to go up and get my
certificate. Certificate? What exactly is it supposed to be
certifying? The achievement of getting 25 credits from
simply walking into school each day and not getting
expelled?!?! That I’ve done nothing since the beginning of
term? It’s supposed to be a reward, but I swear it’s more
like a goddamn curse.

At school, I’ve been getting bad marks. I got “E” in media,
and D/E/U in Tech, then I have a French test tomorrow, then
a German test on Tuesday. No matter how hard I try to
remember things and how much I revise, I can never remember
I have an English essay due in a few weeks; I haven’t even
finished typing up the draft.

I usually get good marks in chemistry, physics and biology.
And art.
History I usually do badly in, but that’s because I
never “specify” or I never “explain” correctly. I like
history, but I don’t need it.
PE is shite anyways. I’ve never really liked PE, but this
year it’s been okay-ish. So far. I’m only in a small group,
with retarded people, so I haven’t panicked about anything
to do with PE yet!
Art. Art is really boring this year. The painting at the
beginning of the term was good, and I’m pretty sure I good
a good grade for that, but I doubt I am going to this time.
Cutting up boxes isn’t exactly what I cal fun. Or
educational. It isn’t exactly what I call art either.
“Modern art”. Whoever “invented” it should be shot! It’s
not art. It’s a different thing all together. We should
develop drawing skills and colour skills, not cutting and
gluing, which we should do in tech, and did at infant

On Saturday night, I decided to take control of my life. Be
more organised, more efficient. I decided that on Sunday
morning I would getup, get changed, do homework, revision,
go online. Maybe read. But No. As it happens, Laura next
door had Spice Girls blaring out, at 10 am, which left me
in a pretty bad mood. I went straight online, and Garrett
was on, which kinda made me feel better having someone to
talk to.

Corey (from ages ago-the NIN manic) re-added me today, and
we were talking for a while, which was really cool because
I haven’t spoken to him in ages. I’m STILL waiting for my
NIN tee from “Attitude” catalogue, It better get here
goddamn soon!

That’s about all that’s happened over the past week. Blah.
And the first human embryo was cloned today. The future of
science is scary, I’m not sure “scary” is the right word,
but if scientists can create human life from nowhere, then
what can’t they do with human life?

Ok umm..that was YESTERDAY, not today!