~*Monster Kitty*~

~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2001-03-29 03:06:37 (UTC)

Straightening Out My Filing Cabinet

Dear Diary,
Whats shakin? Lately I have been chatting online a
lot. Theres not much else to do. I talked to Liana. She
sounds like she's having a blast in New York. Just think,
in only 1 more month I'll be in New York two, with Liana,
Leigh and the big fat bitch, Jade. That will be a blast,
lol. Anyway, life is taking a turn 4 the best. Did you know
I went on abcastrologyzone.com and got my horoscope-guess what it
said? Lots of stuff that totally fit my life right now. I
wonder if all Aries are having a major crisis.....? It also
said that Aquarius and Aries are a PERFECT match, and you
know who's an Aquarius?! Craig! Yah, so thats a good sign. But guess
who else? Spencer.....
Anyway, I spent the night last night at Jessicas. The first
time in like, a year. It was fun. We played 007 and she
kicked my butt, like always. I used to be really good at
that game too!!!!!!!!!
As 4 guyz, spring break has taken my mind off
everything, so I wont be writing awful stuff until Monday,
so enjoy the positiveness while you can. Today, Emmy came
over, and we dressed her up like a PopStar and took
pictures. They turned out really cute, she's so pretty. We
walked to the Fina station with her little skimpy tube top
on too, and it was freezing cold all the way. We bearly had
enough money for smoothies, a muffin, jerkys, and gummy
candies. Needless to say, we pigged out. Then, we curled my
hair, and it looked great!!! 'Cant touch that' duh nuh nuh
nuh, nuh nuh na na na na! lol
Jenny and Liana got Instant Messenger, so I've been
talking to them a lot. Jessica wont let me put it on her
computer. Its nice to be able to talk so easy though. But,
school starts in only 4 days. Doesnt that suck??? I love
spring break, but its so SHORT!!!!!!!! Easter is coming
soon, the 15th I think. We always go to Houston, but we
wont this year because time and money limit us beyond
knowing. Dont you wish life was simpler? It feels like,
until you get to be a teenager, you have a filing cabinet
in your head, that is all organized, with coordinating
folders, all labeled right, that arent too full. Then
BAM!!! Every folder is full, and emotions get in the words
files, and words are in the actions, and love is in the
hate, and sense is in the nonsense files. Everything is all
screwed up, and you have no idea how to straighten things
out. It's amazing how quickly you can mess things up, but
how long it takes to fix them.
Well, I have to go. I think Jessicas in the JimBob chat
room, so I'm going to go talk to her. Love, ~*Lily*~ (^^)

PS-Thanks to everybody who sent me replys, its nice to get