little mind farts...
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2001-11-26 17:29:47 (UTC)


hey, long time no write (well type) hee-hee. so many
things have been running through my head right now. mainly
it's the issue of virginity. i am still a virgin but at the
same time under certain circumstances i think that i am
ready to lose it with a certain someone. i don't know. i
have thought about this alot like i always do. yeah yeah i
am horny as hell (my hormones are going crazy right
now!!!!!) but there is something a little more there. i
want to have sex but at the same time i am torn. i am say
this because i value virginity. i feel that virginity is
the one thing left that is innocent and pure in this whole
fucked up world you know? plus, i like the looks that
people give me when they find out that i am a 17 year-old
virgin. it's empowering. :0)

-michelle :0)

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