The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2001-11-26 16:24:50 (UTC)

Hello..agian and yet for the second time today i am going to write in this here diary entry with a really long title...

ok well it is probaly gonna be a fact that that is going to
be the longest title that i will ever use so yes..ok well
Ashley i hope you get better!! and Will have fun
Singing...Humming...dancing...or just being the great and
loving Will that We ALL LOVE SOO MUCH!!...hey
know we havent done anything together in awhile..we should
do something/hangout..whatever sounds good to you...ok well
lets see Libby are walks to Computer classes are lots of
FUN i mean those journeys down the stairs and down the hall
are FUN!! ok well i need to get out of here and maybe get a is so sad i mean i have a license and a car and
money and yet my life consist of the same pattern... that
EXCITING!!! and sometimes i even just go home from school
b/c i dont work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but whoa! tlak
about excitment. I really need to start doing stuff with
friends and people... soooo if you are my friend and you
are bored and you want to d something!!..*Hint hint Wink
Wink Nudge Nudge* just give me a call on my cell, or my
home phone and i will gladly go!!! and if you dont know
either then you can ask me in School and i will give it to
you...ok well i am going to go now so ummm..buh bye
love yall that are my friends!
a.k.a Colfy, Crash Junior, Somekids friend!