A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-11-26 15:44:58 (UTC)

Weekend report.....

Well, I didn't quite get the overtime I wanted, but I still
got some. It's a good thing I didn't have to work all day
yesterday because....

I got up at an ungodly hour.... Worked all day, it was
fun. Went home, did laundry and then rushed back up to the
Quarter, it was A's b-day and I promised him I'd be there.
Little did I know, it didn't start till midnight. Oh my,
did I have fun. Met a few new people, talked about the
SCA, work, VNV, tortured M for a while. ;-) Got about 3
hours of sleep and was still drunk when I woke up. There's
not much of a better feeling than waking up and still being
drunk from the night before. ;-)

Well, we weren't too buisy yesterday, heh, that's an
understatement. ;-) So they sent me home at the end of the
day shift instead of me working a double. It's a good
thing to, I fell asleep about 7 last night. DAMN did I
sleep.... ;-)

You don't have to put on the red light...

Sorry, that song just came on the radio... ;-) Ever see
the video?? Is it just me or is Sting wayyyyy drunk?

People are actualy reading this.... WOW!! I love you
all. I just found the link to read feedback. Say DUH, say
DUH REAL loud!! Yea, I do stupid things sometimes....

Speaking of....
Court date/VNV is Wend., not Thurs. like I thought....
DUH!!! I was never very good about dates/time. ;-) I
live too much for the here and now. Tomorrow doesn't
exist, yesterday, only in my thoughts and dreams. Time is
a figmint (sp??) of our imaginations.