Visions Of Life
2001-11-26 15:07:25 (UTC)

What Lies Ahead In This Mess I Call Life??

Hmmmm... As the title suggests, Im confused. And my mind is
being swamped with crazy thoughts. Babies and Marriage!
Yikes!! lol... These thoughts are mainly in my mind because
Im designing a baby line of clothing and supplies and a
wedding dress..But still! Yikes! Though I think Im destined
to be a single parent and have a baby soon... *takes a
birth control pill* lol Anyways.. I think I have decided
that I need to marry a goth guy or girl. Thats how its
supposed to be. How do I know this? Visions. But again I
could be wrong but if I stay with a non goth there may be
issues in the end..

How shallow is that? Not dating someone cuz they arent
goth... Holy Satan in Drag.. lofl.. I shock myself with how
shallow I am sometimes.. Ah well...

MMMMMM... Im getting some strawberry vodka.. yum yum!!!

Hmmm.. and now my original point.. Wait.. what original
point.,.. hmmmmm...

Not sure what lies ahead in my life.. Not sure about
school, career, love or anything... but thats okay..

Oh, this marrying a goth rule does NOT applyn to Terrell
Davis,... lol.. he's perfect just the way he is.. *licks
lips* Same with Shakira.. mmmmmmmmmm...

And with those 2 in my thoughts, I wander off to bed,... ta