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2001-11-26 14:30:13 (UTC)

This is for all of you. feel free to respond. THE COWARDS WAY

Why are we so bitter? Why do we choose the cowards way.
We all have a sad story. We have all been hurt in one way
or another. Some worse than others. How we choose to deal
with it can make all the difference. You can hold it in,
tuck it away where you don't have to deal with it until one
day you wake up and find yourself sad and lonely. You can
take revenge, Yeh lets get them back. lets hurt them.
Lets be bitter, angry and ugly. You could face your pain.
Learn from it. Deal with those hurt feelings. Then move
on. Stronger, smarter and happier. It's your choice. You
have control. you make the decision. You can heal. It
doesn't happen over night.
People forget the wonderful things in life. we are to
wound up in the bad. We spend so much time wanting what we
can't have. Most of the time we already have more than we
Don't forget about the most valuable thing in life that's
free. LOVE